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“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.” ← John Muir →

For Adventurers

We are the perfect spot for those who seek adventure in Red Lodge, so come get lost in the moment. Hike the trails, fish the rivers, climb the rocks, shred the slopes. Let us share our favorite spots with you. We love to show people the best places to explore in our area, so just…

Customer Service

No one at the front desk? We’re probably on the deck getting to know a guest or perfecting your room. A phone in the lobby will ring our cell phone number, making us just one call away from meeting you in the office. Our top priority is taking the time to find out how we…


The building was built in 1909 as apartments for working European families in the area. It then became a Bavarian-themed roadside inn around 1961. Giving us history that predates many other businesses in town. You will see it as a marker on lots of old town maps.